Photo of Naomi from Vain Magazine

Naomi Hadid was one of the first original roleplayers on GTA. She is famed for her editing skills and her lack of empathy for other human beings.

Owned CompaniesEdit

Naomi Hadid has made multiple companies including NHC, an attempt at a cosmetics brand that was successful and then failed. Her next venture was Vangelico, in which she gave to Jennifer Milan, then gave to Zayn Cartier with no regret, Zayn Cartier then later said he would do more with Vangelico. It is now unknown as to who owns Vangelico.

Vehicles and Transportation Edit

Living like the celebrity she makes out to be, she uses a wide variety of transportation at her disposal. She has a Benefactor Schafter, and a Nimbus for flight. She usually visits very luxurious places, such as Liberty City, Paris, and many more.

Alliances with Roleplayers Edit

Originating from Twitter, she has alliances with many people, such as Cloe Snyder, Gigi West, and Andrea Vargas. She does not like many other roleplayers, and tends to not treat them very kindly.

Lifestyle Edit

As a celebrity, her lifestyle is very common. Nothing but the best for this all black queen. It is currently unknown to where she lives.


Photo of Naomi from Vain Magazine