Cloe Snyder is widely recognized in the community as somewhat of a drama queen, picking fights with anyone that annoys her. While she calls herself a starlet, she is very irritable. Be careful around her.


It is unknown if she owns any Companies


Cloe either owns or uses an Enus, unknown vehicle type, and she owns a grey Carbonizzare with red rims. This Carbonizzare is based on a real life Ferrari.

Alliances Edit

Cloe Snyder has a very strong relationship with many of the Twitter girls. They are usually up to exposing other roleplayers and destroying their career. She formerly had ties with Nathalie Steele, before it fell out. This has since left a bitter rivalry.

Lifestyle Edit

Her lifestyle is like that of real life Sarah Snyder, a snappy 20 year old. She lives in luxury and loves the company of her roleplaying

Cloe with her Carbonizzare